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Premium Hemp Pre Roll Joint

Hemp Flower Pre-Rolled 1 gram

Vite Leaf Hemp CBD Pre-roll Joint

• 1 Gram of Legal Hemp per Joint
• 1 Ingredient- 100% Hemp
• Third Party Lab Tested
• Grown and processed in the USA

Ingredients: Blend of Various Hemp Flower Strains.

This product contains a total delta-9-THC concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry-weight basis. Intended for individuals 21+


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Vite Leaf Pre-Roll Joint

Each of Vite Leaf’s Hemp Pre-roll Joint is beautifully hand packed and twisted and quality checked for a smooth and relaxed full spectrum smoking experience.  Each Pre-roll Joint is guaranteed to be loaded up with our terpenes and CBD rich quality Pre-Roll Joint blend and comes in a reusable smell-proof container that allows you to clip and save your joint for later.

CBD flower is a cannabis Sativa plant species that is grown specifically to yield high CBD and less than .3% Delta-9 (THC). The Vite Leaf Joint looks, smells, and tastes just as delicious as its THC sibling, but it has less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC which makes it federally legal!

Vite Leaf’s Pre-Roll strains are Elektra, Sulver Haze, Hawaiian Haze, Charlotte’s Web, Sour Space Candy, Watermelon, Cherry Wine, and More!

What is Hemp Flower? Hemp CBD flower is produced by the female Cannabis Sativa plant when it reaches maturity. These flowers can contain a wide variety of phytocannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG).

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